Dear independence loving visitor!

My name is Gabriella Török, an official, licensed local tour guide in Hungary and Budapest offering you quality, informative private tours for individuals and groups. 
I was born in the Hungarian countryside and have been living in Budapest for over 25 years.
I will show you MY city, what I love about it, what I think is unique and special!
My tours illuminate the history of Budapest and her people - I hope very much - in an unconventional and amusing way!
My personal experience is that our visitors are very surprised and amazed by our rich history, cultural heritage, wines and food. I would like to share with you our pleasure how the country is getting to be reborn after the very troublesome 20th century.
If you are interested in a general overview, something special (e.g. history, art nouveau or Jewish history), museums or simply want to find the best place to taste goulash, I can tailor a program to fit your distinct tastes.
My goal is to insure you have a wonderful time and recall with fondness this hospitable country after your return home.


What's on in Hungary?

Guests are arriving

Storks are everywhere!



What's on in Budapest?

Budapest Spring Festival 2014

21 March - 6 April.

Several venues, several genres, the greatest performers!